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To provide social order, law as the most effective body of rules, have got two main concepts. These concepts could be specified as law and right.  At the same time these concepts are closely related to the balance of social benefits. The deterioration of the balance of social benefits is actualized in case of abusing privilege or violation of law rules. As a result of it, legal disputes arise.

When there is a legal dispute the first thing that comes to mind is a lawyer. Since, the first way that comes to mind for resolution of  legal disputes is to resolve issues in the jurisdiction. Lawyers are the indispensable element of the judgement. One of their responsibilities is to reach resolution of client’s problems in a complete manner under the condition that the judgement will be transferred to the authority in favor of the client and try to take advantage of favorable results.

Because of omissions and inaccuracies in the establishment phase of the legal relationship between the parties negatively affect the outcome of the judgement,  our attorney office believes that there should be the change in the  perception of attorney in our country and should benefit from legal services before the establishment of legal relations. So our office serves with a staff specialised in many fields of law in the first instance with  tourism, family, taxation and commercial law with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standards.  With our head office in Antalya, we have also offices in Ankara and Istanbul and our expert team offers scrupulous, attentive and result oriented service.


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